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Peder dreamed constantly about his adventure with Karen and Hanna. There was so much to think about; rubbing and exploring each other's bodies with sun lotion as they did. That image of Karen's plump shinny pussy lips forming her deep crease just kept haunted him. He masturbated several times a day just thinking about it. He wanted (and needed) to meet with them again somewhere, somehow.After a few days, in desperation, Peder picked up the telephone and nervously dial Hanna, she lived closest. Hanna answered and was happy he called. She admitted she was a little nervous and wondered if they had frightened him away, and if they were going to hear from him again. She said Karen and she had often spoke about him and the time at the beach. Hanna asked if he would like to come to visit later and that she could invite Karen too. Peder began shaking with anticipation at the thought of seeing them again. He swallowed hard as he tried to get wind enough to answer her question. Slowly the words came out; "Yes, I that..." crept out of his mouth. They agreed that he should come over about seven that evening after dinner. Hanna would call back if Karen could not make it. At dinner Peter could not eat a thing. All he could think about was might happen this evening. These two adult women had made him feel so good that day at the beach. What was going to happen this evening?At seven o'clock Peder rang Hanna's doorbell. There she was with a big smile on her face. "Come in Peder" she said, "Karen is here to see you too". As Peder enters the room where Karen is, both women give him a tight hug. "We were hoping you would call us first because if we called first, we were afraid you would think we were bothering you." "We had such fun at the beach but wondered how you felt about it.� Peder confessed all he could think about was the two of them and what they did together. Over and over again...he became HOT. "Oh, how nice!" said Karen, "We like to get really hot too!� "Did you know we are lesbians.... Do you know what `lesbian' means Peder?� Peder thought it meant they liked only girls. Karen told him yes, they like girls, but they like males too; especially young boys like you Peder. Hanna adds that she gets really hot just looking at Peder's nice little bubble butt and holding his young penis.Karen told Peder that after they ate their ice cream and they left him, they paraded up and down the beachbeing naughty. They pulled their bikini bottoms up tight so only half their pussys were covered. It all looked so innocent, as if we had made an honest mistake in how they wore the bikini bottoms. Remember that Karen and Hanna have completely shaved pussys. By pulling their crotch up tight, one edge of the crotch material slipped between their pussy lips leaving one lip exposed and the other covered....very clever! Half her pussy would be hanging visibly outside! Both women are Little Preteen Nymphets incurable exhibitionists and thrive on such public display. They stopped and talked to some young boys, giving them good opportunity to look at their pussys while they just stoodthere enjoying every minute showing off, teasing them as they talked. One boy could not take his eyes off Hanna's half exposed pussy. Hanna kept winking and smiling at him as she posed holding her pelvis forward so he got a good look, when they were alone she asked him if he liked looking at her pussy. The poor boy did not know what to say. Karen and Hanna really enjoyed teasing these young boys that way. Here Peder, I'll show you how we do it" Karen said pulling her jeans down. Holding her underpants up tight, she carefully threaded one side of her panties between her grove, covering one side and leaving the other side exposed. "There, how does that look Peder?� "Oh yes, that looks really nice" said Peder, "that gets me excited.� Both agreed they were going to wear thongs next time they go swimming. Peder asked if he could come too and suggested they wear their thongs "backwards," so the thin strap sit between your pussy lips. Both Hanna and Karen agree that a strap between the pussy lips would look very sexy.They are so impressed with Peder's ideas, they began touching and caressing his stiff penis under his pants. "Oh yes; that feels good!" mumbles Peder as Karen hugs him tightly and gives him a nice wet kiss. Hanna and Karen kiss together with their tongs out, and touching. Peder had never seen people kiss that way before and stared. "We'll teach you Peder. � Stick your tong out Peder so we can suck It.," asks Hanna. Peder's tong comes out. Hanna licks and sucks it making it all wet. Karen comes over to suck too, then sticks her tong deep into Peder's mouth and begins `tong fucking' him. Peder's mind goes wild with erotic thoughts. Nobody had ever put his or her tong in his mouth before. Little Preteen Nymphets It felt so intimate and sexually suggestive. Hanna and Karen tong kiss as they gently rub each other's vulvas in front of Peder so he can watch. Then they massaged Peder's penis and squeeze his testicles and kiss him too. "Lets show Peder how we do it!� Hanna says enthusiastic ally and removes her pants. She plops herself down in the big chair spreading her legs wide open."Now you will learn how to really make a woman feel good." Karen tells Peder, as she invites him to kneel next to her on the floor between Hanna's legs. Hanna lies back in the big chair, making herself comfortable and opening herself up to Karen and Peder. "Now Peder, I want you pay close attention as I play with Hanna." she says while bringing her face close to Hanna's vulva and gently blowing cool air up and down her open grove. She lays both arms on top of Hanna's legs while her hands rest between Hanna's thighs. Laying a thumb along each pussy lip she gradually peels them apart exposing her clit. She lightly blows air on Hanna's pussy before releasing the two rubbery lips that fold back together, forming her crease. Karen whispers in Peder's ear, "Did you see that pink ridge between her lips when I open her up?� "Here; I'll do it again now how I kiss her there..." Peder is spellbound by this fascinating lesson as Karen again roles Hanna's lips apart (which are getting wetter and wetter by the minute). "Now watch what I do Peder" as she brings her mouth to Hanna's clit and noisily slurps her swollen `oyster-like' clit into her moth. She begins a delicate and skill-full sucking which lasts at least a good minute and causes Hanna to moan with pleasure, "Oh! Don't stop now Karen. Please do it more; that's absolutely heavenly.�Karen's face is wet as she backs off to regain her breath before engaging Hanna's swollen clit again. Again, the now erect clit is drawn between Karen's lips. The wet sucking sound starts as Karen's cheeks expand and contract as she baths Hanna's tender clit in her mouth. This second, more powerful sucking lasts much longer and almost drives Hanna wild. Yes; almost drives Hanna over the edge until she yells, "Stop!� Both women know exactly when enough is enough. They find a big pillow to lift Hanna's rear end up higher and a towel to dry Hanna's dripping pussy. Quietly Hanna suggests to Karen that Peder might want to suck her too.Karen asks Peder, "Would like to taste Hanna's pussy and suck her clit?" He says nothing. He remains seated on the floor between Hanna's legs staring at her soaked pussy lips with the little pink flesh peeping out between. He is thinking. Her swollen pussy mesmerizes him. So dose her little anus, that little Rosebud just below. This thirteen-year-old had never seen an adult woman this close before. Her odor is rich and strong and he will not forget it. He contemplates the question just posed by Karen. The whole experience is both enchanting and yet overwhelming to him. He asks Hanna if she wants him to suck her. She says yes, so he timidly moves closer. Again, Karen towels off Hanna's wet pussy for Peder. He slowly moves closer bringing his mouth near her lips and carefully extends his tong. His tong slowly slides up and down between her lips several times, and then spreading the two warm folds apart, he enters her. The taste is OK, but different, a little salty, something he never expected. The damp musty aroma of her pussy floods Peder's senses. Such close intimacy is beyond his wildest dreams. For him to be so physically near the most sacred of all female organs, and to put his mouth on it. This is overwhelming for him; it's awesome! It took some moments for him to accept what is happening. He rubs his nose and face up and down her wet vulva as if to test this new reality before him. Peder really does not know what to do. He has no knowledge of how strongly he should suck her, or if he should stick his tong in her vagina, or just what he should do. He does not want to hurt his friend. It will take him several encounters to simply to calm down and gain experience.Karen realizes Hanna's need for an "Erotic Conclusion". The two lesbians know exactly what each likes and they are not afraid to demonstrate to Peder how this is done. Karen gets the electric vibrator out (this one is powerful enough to shake your teeth loose) and plugs it in the wall socket. Hanna begins vigorously rubbing her soaking pussy sideways as Karen starts her vibrator buzzing. First she presses it up hard against her own wet pussy. Hanna loves to watch this; they love watching each other masturbate. Hanna on her back in the chair and Karen standing, legs wide open, next to her lover. Exhibitionism stimulates and feeds them both. Peder watches every little detail with wide eyes. The room is filled with sexual excitement and strong musty pussy odor. Everyone is getting hotter and hotter. Eventually Karen kneels down inserting two fingers, then three, inside Hanna. Karen's fingers rub up against the wall of her vagina. Hanna yanks the vibrator out of Karen's hand, taking control to madly buzz her clit. Karen's fingers continue to rub and press against Hanna's vaginal wall, holding her G-spot snugly against the strong vibrator pressing against her vulva! This maneuver takes Hanna over the edge. She rides that vibrator as if it were an earth shacking rocket sailing across the sky! She begins bucking and squirming in the chair. She cries; ".Oh my God, this is so beautiful.. Oh my God...Here I cum...I'm cumming. Oh." Hanna looses her breath; will she get it back? She soon recovers; Hanna goes wild, she cums again, then she cums again, and again. With each climax she utters the words, " That was so beautiful." She cums until she is exhausted and can cum no more. It is as if Karen has no mercy for her helpless over. Karen has turned Hanna into a heaving mass of loose mussels, bone, and flesh, robed of all energy, and too weak to resist.By this time everyone is exhausted except poor little Peder. He has been watching this with amazing event. His penis has been rock hard, standing straight and dripping. Hanna lies flat on her back, legs drooping over the arms of the big chair, just hanging there. "Come over here Peder and kneel between Little Preteen Nymphets Hanna's legs so you can stick your little man in her", Karen commands. She puts a pillow down on the floor for him to kneel on. It raises him up just enough between the dangling legs. Her wet pussy lips are Little Preteen Nymphets a dark pink from all the excitement. His stiff cock is poised to slide into that wet soaking cavern. He' s warm and comfortable in there. "Don't move Peder, not yet, wait so I can get behind you and fix everything" she whispers. Behind Peder she pushes him up closer so they are tightly coupled with him deeply lodged inside her. Karen's parts Peder's legs and spreads his little thirteen-year-old bubble butt apart. He feels her slippery finger sliding and lubricating the crease between his butt cheeks, searching for his little hole. She finds it; her greased fingertip begins wiggling and probing, worming its way into his tight rectum. His heart beats fast. Her cold finger enters his warm body. Such a cold intimate invasion is thrilling, more thrilling than he could ever imagine. He arches his rear end back, signaling her to "go deeper" as she pushes that long slippery finger in. He looses his breath momentarily from the shock of her cold finger. His thoughts are all scrambled now, only high levels of sexual instinct exists. Peder's control fades as he feels sperm oozing through penis and seeping out with each thrust Karen applies. Karen holds the two tightly together as she fucks his ass...while he fucks Hanna. Soon we hear Peder yell, "Oh my God...I'm cumming", and then louder cries the primal scream, ".Ahhh Oooh my Goodd"! He is overwhelmed as he thrusts into Hanna. Karen keeps pumping and pressing him forward with her wonderful finger up his ass. Several massive ejaculations shoot through his penis as he delivers sperm deep into Hanna. The mussels in Peder's anus tighten, pinching Karen's finger with each ejaculation. "Oh my God!... "Oh My God", he cries out.Just the dream of being used Little Preteen Nymphets in such a raw way by these two wonderful women would be enough to make him cum. But this is no dream! The awesome reality of this mage-orgasm is so powerful...Peder will never forget these moments. His life has changed forever. Afterward they all collapsed and lay quietly taking a nap together. The bonds of sexual love are firmly established between these three and will continue. Hanna and Karen are now eagerly committed now to teach this young man everything they know. They will make Peder their regular lover and teach him well. They delight in their mission to educate him in the proper ways of lovemaking. Peder will be blessed by this friendship. THE ENDThe author encourages readers to respond to the writings and suggest new topics they would like written about. E-mail
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